Friday, 3 May 2013

Justice: Access All Arenas

I've always suspected that Justice were at heart a rock act, and their effortless transition from nightclub to arena seems to confirm this.

Their new live album Access All Arenas presents a recording of their show at the historic arena in Nîmes in July 2012.

The live album's always been the favourite of the rock act wanting to show what they can do outside the studio. They get the chance to present their sound in what they would regard as a more authentic environment, the rock band having traditionally gathered its following through playing live before going on to record in the studio, which either succeeds or fails to capture that live magic.

Some bands reputations have been made by their live releases, whether Deep Purple's Made in Japan or  the Grateful Dead's Live Dead, Kiss Alive or Nirvana Unplugged in New York, the best live albums reveal something new about the band that's not previously been present in their studio albums, letting us see them in a different light.

Of course, there have been many acts who have recorded live albums, then scuttled off to the studio to re-recorded parts that weren't up to standard. Some are little more than a re-recorded greatest hits packages without the expense of getting the band in the studio.

There's also a question as to whether or not there's really an artistic need for a live document of a band these days anyway. Chances are there are dozens of amateur youtube clips of every show circulating within minutes of them being played.

But this collection makes absolutely clear that Justice are a strong live act, their live show a powerful showcase for their music. While still thought of as a dance act, they generate an atmosphere that any rock fan would recognise.

The album shows beyond any doubt that the live spectacle is no longer just the preserve of the rock act of yesteryear.

The album is being streamed online and is available to buy from May the sixth.

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