Friday, 17 May 2013

Maître Gims: Pas touché

Another track from Sexion D'Assaut rapper Maître Gims has emerged, this time the song Pas touché, a duet with Cuban American rapper Pitbull.

It's another track to come from his debut solo album Subliminal, following the hit J'me Tire.

Other tracks Bella and more recently VQ2PQ have emerged, all very different tracks giving the impression that the 18 tracks of Subliminal will be a multi-faceted affair

Sexion D'Assaut's second album - L'apogée - was one of the biggest selling French albums of 2012, and Gims' new collection is certainly one of the most anticipated of the genre this year.

Gims' solo success hasn't meant the end of Sexion D'Assaut by any means, they're still performing live - including shows in paris on June 1 and 2 - and have confirmed details of their third album, which will be entitled Le retour des rois

Subliminal is released on May 20

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