Monday, 1 July 2013

Carla Bruni: Le Pingouin

A new video for Carla Bruni, with the song Le Pingouin from her recent album getting some attention.

Not that it's not had some attention in France already, with a 'row' (ie a few comments in the media) about the supposed political message of the song.

Some have taken the song to be a reference to François Hollande, but Bruni herself has denied this, saying that the song doesn't have any political thinking behind it. In in an interview with L'Express she said that the song's about disagreeable people in general, about no one and everyone.

If she wanted to make a political song, she's probably more entitled to do so than many others, having actually been involved in that world, but I have my doubts that she'd be interested. From what I've read, she's not all that bothered about getting involved in the mud-slinging of politics, leaving that to others - including those in the media - to deal with.

The video certainly doesn't take itself too seriously and is more of a nod towards Monty Python than towards any particular politician.

The song comes from her latest collection  entitled Little French Songs, her first since her days as First Lady. the album came out on April the first.

It's been a successful release, despite her having to take a step back from music on account of her position over the last few years.

She's playing a series of live dates at the end of the year, including three shows at the Casino de Paris in November.

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