Monday, 1 July 2013

Phoenix at Glastonbury Festival

Great to see Phoenix take to the stage at Glastonbury at the weekend, even if the closest I got the event was watching it on TV.

Increasingly that's how festivals work these days, with the event being seen by thousands more beyond the actual festival itself. Millions watched the BBC's Glastonbury footage, and pretty much every act that played will benefit from a massive increase in their profile.

While the likes of the Rolling Stones and Mumford and Sons were the acts that grabbed the headlines, plenty of others got to benefit from the publicity around an increasingly iconic event.

So Phoenix will have had the chance to show what they do to thousands across the country, many of whom will be likely to see the band themselves as they play events like T in the Park later this month.

Of course, Phoenix weren't the only French band to play Glastonbury, François & the Atlas Mountains , Melody's Echo Chamber and Savages were also on the bill.

And plenty of other opportunities to catch Phoenix over the summer, as the band play extensive festival dates to support the release of their Bankrupt! album.

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