Sunday, 14 July 2013

Happy 14th of July!

July 14 is the French national day, a day referred to in English speaking countries as Bastille Day.

Across France there will be events, some formal, some less so, ranging from the military parade in Paris to community events and fireworks.

While in previous years I've featured different versions of the Marseillaise, I thought it was time for something different this year.

So it's Bastille day by Rush, a song that probably like no other spread awareness of the French national day among the non- French.

Well, those who listen to 70s rock anyway.

This version is from 1976, the song originally appeared on their Caress of Steel album which was released in 1975, and is one of the Canadian band's best-known songs. Certainly one of the most enduring from an album that's often overlooked in the band's discography, coming as it does before their 2112 album, a collection widely regarded as both their artistic and commercial peak.

So to all in France, and elsewehere, enjoy the day, and don't lose your head.

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