Thursday, 4 July 2013

Phoenix: Trying to be cool

A new video for another track from the Phoenix album Bankrupt!, a strong contender for 2013's album of
the year.

The album was certainly one of the most anticipated of 2013, and it's certainly lived up to expectations.

While other bands returning after a four years gap between albums can find themselves behind the times and only playing to fans they've already won over, Phoenix sound fresher than ever. They don't need to try too hard to be cool.

Meanwhle, the new clip is the kind of video that demands to be watched a second or third time after it's seen for the first time.

The track follows Entertainment, the first single from Bankrupt!, and it's a strong track from an album that set the standard for what a modern rock band should sound like. Seemingly stylish and effortless, but with a startling amount of skill and expertise at work.

A bit like the video itself.

Phoenix are playing over the summer at a number of festivals, and are playing a number of arena dates in France in November.

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