Monday, 22 July 2013

Vanessa Paradis: Love Songs

The new album by Vanessa Paradis - Love Songs - gets a UK release this week.

The double album came out in May in France, and the near-title track gave her a top ten hit in France, a fair achievement for an artist who despite her continued hight profile, hasn't released a full album in six years.

The new collection sees her work with a variety of collaborators including Benjamin Biolay.

While a UK release is unlikely to see the album repeat the success it enjoyed across the channel, it's always positive to see a French artist take the chance to release a French language album in the UK.

Paradis remains one of the French artist whose name is widely known in the UK, albeit for work decades ago, but the release of this new collection shows that the work she's doing now certainly deserves attention.

 If you want to take a more detailed look back at Vanessa's career, there's an article I wrote on the Institut Français' Culturethèque website here

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