Friday, 8 May 2015

New Acts: Damien Rougier

An album's expected at the end of this month by  Damien Rougier, an artist for whom the 80s never ended and the new wave never became old.

The Paris-based artist's  track Sweet "Souvenir" is a fun piece of retro synth pop, playfully taking the stylings  of the previous decades  and dragging them into the 21st century.

Pretty much every 80s box can be ticked in the video, from lasers to Adam Ant styled jacket. It's well observed and cleverly put together.

While  it's easy to be distracted by the synth drums and 'experimental' guitar,under all that there's a talented artist at work here, with an ear for a classy pop tune.

 Damien Rougier's album, to be entitled Light at your Window, is expected at the end of May.

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