Monday, 18 May 2015

Thylacine: Mountains

A striking new video by Thylacine, for the track Mountains.

Instead of the sights of California, Miami or one of the regular settings that the world of electronic music feature in the videos, Thylacine take us east to Bulgaria, with director Cyprien Clement-Delmas looking at both the bleakness and the beauty of the area, particularly through the eyes of the young people that live  there.

Experts will notice the striking architecture of the Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria, sitting like an abandoned soviet UFO at the Cantral Balkan mountains.

The statue of Dimitar Blagoev and other concrete relics of the country's past feature in the  video, remonders of the weight of the past, and the unfilfiled promises of a better future.

Perhaps the youngsters in the video are trapped by their circumstances, but perhaps they themselves are the change.

Thylacine's music in this track is both melancholy but with a strength that could be seen as optimistic.
The track featured on their Exile EP, which was released in January.

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