Monday, 25 May 2015

Stromae on the Jimmy Kimmell Show

 A recent high-profile appearance by the maeStro himself on TV in the USA, with Stromae performing Carmen on the Jimmy Kimmell show.

I featured the track when it emerged as a single in April, with its striking video directed by animator Sylvain Chomet.

While that would video will no doubt continue the support for the album in Europe, an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmell show would introduce him to a whole new audience.

There are of course many levels of strangeness at work here, with a Belgian rapper performing a track about the dangers of an American social media on American TV.

Hats off to whoever did the subtitles too, translating a song or a poem is not an easy task.

While Racine Carrée has conquered the market in Europe since its relase in 2013, there remains a massive potential audience in the anglophone world, and appearances like this will certainly help raise the profile of the most famous Belgian around.

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