Thursday, 7 May 2015

New Acts: Tifa's - You Platypus

A video for a new track by Tifa's entitled You Platypus.

The four piece band from Lyon have an imaginative and distinctive sound, and the video certainly matches their ambition.

There's something of the spirit of experimental rock that has haunted bands like Can from the 70s to bands like Mogwai in the 21st century present in Tifa's work. There's a whiff of art here, but it doesn't obscure a very fine band.

I'll even forgive them their misuse of the apostrophe in the band's name.

They have been active for three years, releasing their four-trackEP The Axolotl coming in May 2013.

The EP featured the tracks Praying Mantis Dilemma, Paul the Polar Bear, We Love all of Them and the title track.

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