Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New Acts: RubiCan - Par delà la pudeur

An inventive piece of electro chanson by RubiCan  for the track Par delà la pudeur.

RubiCan is a project by Pierre-Louis François, a veteran of French act Luis Francesco Arena.

Luis Francesco Arena was essentially a vehicle for Pierre-Louis François, latterly a three piece with François-Pierre Fol and Yohan Landry. There were four albums in their ten year career, the act receiving considerable critical acclaim for their folk flavoured indie rock.

The final show under the Luis Francesco Arena name took place in August last year, Francois saying that in recent months his music had evolved towards new horizons and that after careful consideration a new project had been born.

 Par delà la pudeur comes from a five track EP entitled Brise-Lame released earlier this month, featuring this track alongside Analphabet, Bittersweet, Once Meet and Le Large.

RubiCan plays at the Graine d'Arts Festival 2015 in Vouvray in France on Saturday May 30.

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