Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains: Piano Ombre

A new video from Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains, with the title track from their Piano Ombre
collection getting a tasteful visual treatment.

The video marks the end of their promotion for the album, coinciding with their last live show for a while at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

Since Piano Ombre came out, they've toured extensively and released their L'homme Tranquille album.

The band describe the clip as "a video to say good bye for a while".

On their Facebok page they explained: "Throughout the releases of Plaine Inondable, E Volo Love, Piano Ombre and finally L'Homme Tranquille (an african epilogue to a trilogy!) we felt true to our intentions : going through our lives with the ongoing company of authentic and pulsing music."

They added: "We want to dedicate all that we've done the past five years to the lonely dancers! We saw you getting lost in the grooves on your own, sometimes at the front , sometimes right next to the speakers, sometimes far at the back of a theater, feet in the mud, young kids, women in their 40ies, battered old guys, rich student from Medelin, homeless flute players in Ouagadougou, ladies at the women's prison in Rennes... Be sure that we were right there with you!!"

"We'll be back for you!"

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