Friday, 11 September 2015

Téléphone - Les Insus - Live in Paris

An unprecedented gig in Paris tonight, as a (more or less) reformed Téléphone take to the stage.

Former Téléphone  bass player  Corine Marienneau isn't part of the band, which is why Jean-Louis Aubert, Richard Kolinka and Louis Bertignac are having to perform under the pseudonym Les Insus when they take to the stage at the Point Ephemere.

It's a tiny venue for such a historic appearance, given that there were rumours that a reformed Téléphone would play shows at the Stade de France just a couple of years ago.

What the appearance means is uncertain, however, another show has been added in Lille for September 15.

What is sure is that in forthcoming months a whole batch of Téléphone  reissues are scheduled, along with a various artists tribute CD that's already seen a version of Un Autre Monde by Superbus released.

Will France's new wave legends be back for long? The Point Ephemere's website makes it clear that if there's one concert not to miss this year, it's this one.

We'll see where it goes from here.

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