Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rencontres Trans Musicales 2015: First names confirmed

Details of the first 15 names confirmed for this year's Rencontres Trans Musicales 2015 festival in
Rennes in December have been revealed

A nicely done video reveals the names in a street art project in Rennes.

Dralms, Her, Grand Cannon, Paradis, Klaus Johan Grobe, Inuit, City Kay, Kaviar Special, Okmalumkoolkat, Rival Consoles, Binkbeats, Georgia, Swaggers, Mawimbi and Kokomo are the first names to emerge.

Many, many more will be added in forthcoming weeks.

The event has been one of the musical highlights for this blog over the past couple of years, with a real chance to experience a well-curated cross section of talent from France and beyond.

The  Rencontres Trans Musicales 2015 is held in Rennes from December 2 - December 6.

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