Thursday, 17 September 2015

Louise Attaque: New album

Confirmation over the last few days that there's a fourth album in the pipeline from Louise Attaque,
one of the French bands that probably deserve to be described as 'legendary.'

Their 1997 self-titled debut was one of the milestones in French music, the group creating a sound that was as unique as it was captivating, the album a well-deserved record-breaking commercial success.

The band initially spit in 2001 following their Comme on a Dit second album the previous year, forming two separate acts Tarmac and Ali Dragon.

They reunited in 2003 to record the last album by the four piece, 2005's À plus tard crocodile.

Gaëtan Rousse has of course since had considerable success as a solo artist, with the albums Ginger in 2011 and 2013's Orpailleur.

Most recently he's been writing for other artists, his most recent being the single Nos Secrets by Louane.

Some new material appeared from Louise Attaque in 2011, with a new track recorded for a 'best of' compilation that came out at the end of that year.

I said at the time on this blog: "A new track by the band is certainly welcome, and while its unlikely that the band will reconvene on a more permanent basis, it shows that there's certainly a demand for them to do so should they ever want to. "

The new album is expected early in 2016.

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