Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Stromae: Quand c'est?

A new clip from Stromae, showing that there's life yet in his 2013 Racine Carrée album in terms of singles.

This time it's the song  Quand c'est ? deals with cancer, and the video tackles it with sensitivity and vision.

A bold track to begin with, and a memorable clip too, whether you need the subtitles or not.
While Racine Carrée is pretty well know in mainland Europe, with almost 2 million copies sold in France, the new clip corresponds with live dates in North America where he's becoming an increasingly well known face with high-profile admirers.

A recent video showed him performing Papaoutai in New York City, ahead of a show at  Madison Square Gardens on October 1st.

North America's a huge market, and there's certainly room for a talented artist like Stromae.

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