Monday, 9 September 2013

Fier comme un Coq: Les INrocks box set

A release today in France courtsy of the good offices of Les Inrocks - that bastion of quality French musical
taste -  of a six CD set collecting 100 tracks representing the finest of French pop.

The box set is entitles Fier comme un Coq, not perhaps a title that translates a bit questionably into English, but there's no question about the quality of the music on offer.

I've not listened to the collection all the way through yet, but the selection of tracks looks absolutely first rate, encompassing the vintage to the contemporary and everything in between.

Dutronc, Gainsbourg and Sardou are present and correct, but so equally are Lescop, Cascadeur and Yan Wagner.

While Phoenix  is there, so if ≠ FAUVE.

Great to see some French punk included, with the likes of Stinky Toys and Kas Product. Stinky Toys sitting alongside Lou Doillon makes a great juxtaposition.

There's obviously been quite a lot of thought put into the song choice and track listing. Hats off to whoever thought to put Les Yper-sound next to Zombie Zombie, then Mathématiques Modernes and M83 and then Rihard Pinhas.

Of course, while not everything might be familiar, this is the kind of collection that's  is full of hidden treasures and surprises, put together with care and knowledge about the subject.

In short, for anyone with more than a little curiosity about French music, for under 30 Euros this looks an essential purchase.

The collection is available exclusively from Les Inrocks or Fnac.

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