Tuesday, 24 September 2013

IAM: Après la fête

A new clip for the band IAM,  for the track Après la fête, which has  emerged just a week after the video
for the song Dernier coup d'éclat came out.

The track comes from their sixth album Arts Martiens, which was released in April this year.
So far six tracks from the album have been promoted with videos.

For IAM their home town of Marseille has been central to their identity, and the new video continues this with the city central to the cinematic narrative that sees the changes in the central characters over the period from 2996 to the present day.

They promise that the next video - for the track Sombres manœuvres/Manœuvres sombres - will continue the story. I look forward to it.

IAM are touring extensively throughout France over the next few months, from the the Urban Peace 3 concert at the Stade de France this weekend on September 28 onwards, with a tour running until spring 2014.

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