Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mama Rosin and Moriarty: Calypso Triste

A video for the track Calypso triste by Mama Rosin and Moriarty, a collaboration featuring  Switzerland's
favourtite practitioners of spicy cajun folk  and the multinational music act that came out as a limited edition vinyl for this year's Record Store Day/Disquaire Day.

The two bands recorded five tracks together in February, and following the limited vinyl release made them available digitally in July.

They initially met up in 2009  at a festival in Lausanne in Switzerland and realised they shared tastes in music and philosophical outlooks, and played together at a number of festivals since.

This eventually led to the two acts recording their joint EP at the Studio Pigalle in Paris

Mama Rosin released their Bye Bye Bayou album in February, and have recently followed it up with a 'Director's Cut' version of the collection, featuring new songs

Moriarty, meanwhile, released their The Missing Room album in 2011.

The bands play together in October in Nancy and Paris.

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