Friday, 27 September 2013

Sébastien Tellier: L'amour naissant

A video for a new track by Sébastien Tellier has emerged, with the track L'amour naissant.

The video has been released ahead of the release of Tellier's new album Confection, which is expected to be released next month.

The track takes a very differnt direction from Tellier's last album , the messianic My God Is Blue. That collection, which featured Pépito Blue and Cocon Ville, saw Tellier in full-on visionary mode, accompanied by an electro-pop soundtrack.

His new album is to be a mostly instrumental collection, this song being the only with lyrics, and it really is a treat. It's classy and sophisticated, with a style reminiscent of classic 60s Gainsbourg, and I can't wait to hear more.

The black and white clip, directed by directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, features the French actress Anna Mouglalis. Mouglalis has appeared in many films since her career began in the late 90s, including Merci pour le chocolat in 2001 and played Coco Chanel in the 2009 film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky.

In the 2010 biopic Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque) she played the role of Juliette Gréco.

Tellier's been touring extensively, and he plays a special date in Paris ahead of the release of the new album.

Sébastien Tellier - L'amour naissant (Official Video) from Record Makers on Vimeo.

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