Wednesday, 11 September 2013

J.C.Satàn live in London

A heads up that French rock act J.C.Satàn are playing two dates in London, tonight at the Macbeth,
tomorrow at the Windmill in Brixton.

They also play in Portsmouth on September 14.

The band are one of France's best current rock bands, and have released three albums  since their debut EP cameout in 2010. Their most recent, Faraway Land, came out in October last year.

J.C.Satàn were one of the French bands that played at the Great Escape event in Brighton earlier this year.

Nice to see them back across the channel again, and hope that next tim ethey come over for a bit longer and travel a bit further.

There's certainly a huge potential audience for them over here.

J.C.Satàn have dates across France from later this month, and in October and November.  They play in Paris at the Olympia on October the fifth.

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