Friday, 6 September 2013

Moodoïd: The Moodoïd EP

Moodoïd is one of the acts playing at the OohLaLa festival in London in October, and the debut EP by the act that features Paris-based musician Pablo Padovani has just been released.

Padovani is probably best known as the guitar player with French psych act Melody's Echo Chamber, but Moodoïd sees his solo project take wings.

As befitting an associate of  Melody's Echo Chamber, it's a suitably psychedelic mélange, but with a retro French pop sensibility.

But despite being a solo project, there's no holding back in musical experimentation, with elements ranging from the krautrock of the likes of Amon Duul II, ethnic and jazz textures, fuzz guitar, electronica and yéyé vocals all present in the imaginative and multicoloured mix.

You could compare Moodoïd to the likes of experimentalists like Stereolab or even open minded 70s-generation prog acts like Gong, but on the strength of this EP Moodoïd is somewhere in between.

The EP is released by  Les Disques Entreprise, and you can hear streaming of the EP in full at this page on The Guardian website

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