Friday, 1 November 2013

Editorial: November 2013

Despite my best efforts I didn't manage as many posts in October as I would have liked, mostly due to struggling manfully with man flu this past week.

Still, it gave me a chance to listen to some great music,

But it has been a good month none the less, plenty to report here and some great stuff to listen to over the past few weeks.

October was also one of the busiest months we've had in terms of visitors this year. Thanks for dropping by if it's your first time.

I've been reading quite a few music biographies these past few weeks, currently reading Morrissey's Autobiography having just finished the excellent In Search of Manu Chao by Peter Culshaw.

I can't recommend it enough, and while I've been a fan of Chao for years, it inspired me to fill the holes in my collection of his back catalogue, and I've really enjoyed listening to Mano Negra again. Still sounding great after all these years.

Culshaw makes the
point that at one stage Mano Negra could have been as big as U2. That would certainly have been an interesting turn of events.  Chao would have made a much more interesting representative at the G8 meetings than Bono could ever be.

there are some more interesting releases ahead this month, another busy month in the run up to the festive seasons including releases by -M-, Sexion d'assaut and Grand Corps Malade, as well as UK shows by Jane Birkin and Woodkid.

As always, I can be contacted on johnkilbrideAThotmailDOTcom, with the appropriate punctuation where you'd expect it to be.

We're also on Twitter as @viveleroq or you can find me at @karnag

Thanks again are due to the various record companies and promoters who have been in touch, and  thanks as always to the Institut francais in London and the French Music Office in London for help and encouragement.

Merci et à bientôt

John K

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