Friday, 29 November 2013

Johnny Hallyday: Born Rocker Tour

A clip from the new Johnny Hallyday live collection has been released to promote the release of Johnny
Hallyday's Born Rocker Tour DVD and CD.

The release commemorates his shows this summer that marked his 70th birthday. Hallyday played a show at Paris Bercy, part of a short tour, on the say of his birthday, and also a more intimate show at the much smaller Théâtre de Paris later the same night.

The standard edition is two DVDs of the Bercy show with a CD of the two bonus songs, a Blu Ray has the Bercy show, a collector edition has the Bercy show on DVD and CD as well as the bonus tracks and four live tracks from the Théâtre de Paris gig.

The deluxe edition of 3 DVDs and 3 CDs  features audio and video of the Bercy gig as well as of the Theatre de Paris show, and a couple of unreleased studio tracks.

This year has already seen a Johnny Hallyday live release, with the On Stage double CD (Three discs if you include the bonus three track disc.)

However, the new release differs significantly in that Born Rocker Tour is essentially a video release with the audio of the shows more of an add-on.

On Stage was  an audio release without a DVD, although there was certainly a demand for footage of shows like his historic gigs in the USA, London and elsewhere.

Also, On Stage was a document of a tour, with songs from venues across France  and Geneva, this new release focuses on one particular gig, or at least on one particular day.

There's plenty for fans of Johnny to listen to on this new collection.

Johnny's got some dates in Asia in December, with gigs  in Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong before Christmas.

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