Monday, 11 November 2013

Russian Police Choir: Get Lucky

There have been a million different versions this song, or so it seems, but there's always time for one more.

Just as the joke's getting a bit stale, it seems that it's reached the centre of Moscow where the police choir, when not imposing law and order upon the good people of city, enjoy a decent song as much as any of us.

So while they may look like the bad guys in the James Bond films, it seems that the Russian boys in blue enjoy the same things we do after all.

Not that it should be seen in any way as an attempt to distract the western media from accusations that the Russian authorities employ strong-arm tactics against their minorities or against those like Pussy Riot who mock them. That would just be cynical.

Instead, we should just enjoy the evident joie de vivre being expressed in way you'd never see the bad guy's henchmen in a Bond film behave.

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