Monday, 4 November 2013

Johnny Hallyday: Un Jour l'Amour Te Trouvera

There's a new single released by Johnny Hallyday today, the previously unreleased track Un Jour l'Amour Te

The song sounds very much along the lines of his November 2012 l'Attente album and is the kind of powerful ballad that France's national rocker does so well.

The track was one of two recorded by Hallyday in Los Angeles in September this year, and it will appear as one of two new studio tracks on his Born Rocker Tour collection, due out on November 25.

Hallyday celebrated his 70th birthday over the summer with a short French tour including a sold-out show at Bercy in Paris on his birthday, and a second intimate show the same night at the  théâtre de Paris.

 The new collection, in its various formats, collects these two shows. The standard edition is two DVDs of the Bercy show with a CD of the two bonus songs, a Blu Ray has the Bercy show, a collector edition has the Bercy show on DVD and CD as well as the bonus tracks and four live tracks from the théâtre de Paris gig. Meanwhile, a deluxe edition features 3 DVDs and 3CDs, with the Bercy gig in DVD and audio, the  théâtre de Paris show in DVD and audio, along with the two studio tracks.

Plenty for Johnny's fans for Christmas this year by the looks of things.

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