Thursday, 7 November 2013

Gerald De Palmas: Je me souviens de tout

A new video for a track for Gérald De Palmas' forthcoming album that's due out next week.

The song Je me souviens de tout follows the single Serait-il that emerged this summer, both featuring on the forthcoming album entitled De Palmas.

The album followed three years of touring by De Palmas, and he says he approached the recording of this new album from a new angle, taking a live approach to the recording as opposed to looking at his live performance and studio performances as two separate and distinct things.

Earlier this year he spoke about how he's now convinced that the energy of the band when they perform live allows him to sing with more intensity, and he is ten times as motivated as he would be singing alone at  a microphone.

De Palmas may seem an unlikely skateboarder, but the video has a nostalgic and melancholic feel that's certainly appropriate for the song.

De Palmas has an extensive schedule of tour dates with some shows in December and more from at the begining of 2014, across France and in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

 He has scheduled two concerts in Paris next year, with a show at La Cigale on February 13 and another at L'Olympia on May 27.

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