Wednesday, 26 November 2014

David Guetta: Dangerous (Sam Martin acoustic version)

David Guetta's new album Listen dropped his week, a collection of songs that should dominate the
charts over coming months.

The song Dangerous is already a number one in France, as it is elsewhere, but an interesting acoustic version of the song has emerged, featuring the vocalist Sam Martin who features on Guetta's song performing solo with a piano.

While Guetta's version gets the airplay and views on YouTube and TV, Sam Martin's version reveals a completely different side to the song that maybe disappears beneath Guetta's onslaught of beats.

They sound like two very different songs, and reveal the difference that Guetta's work makes to a song.

There are some who would prefer Guetta's take on the song, others might like this version instead.

There's certainly room for both, and there will probably be others before too long.

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