Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Marion Cotillard: Snapshot in LA

A new video by French actress Marion Cotillard for the song Snapshot in LA, a song conceived for the new advertising campaign by Dior.

Music is of course nothing new for Marion Cotillard, given that she starred in the film La Vie En Rose, a role that saw her win an Oscar.

She also teamed up with Scottish indie rockers Franz Ferdinand for the song The Eyes of Mars to launch a previous fashion range in 2010.

Last year saw her feature in a video by David Bowie for the track The Next Day.

In 2010 she featured in the clip for the track More Than Meets The Eye by Yodelice.

The new track sees her collaborating with Joseph Mount from Metronomy, showing that her musical taste remains as well informed as it did in 2010.

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