Monday, 17 November 2014

Mr Oizo: The Church

The new album by Mr Oizo has been made available to listen online, a week ahead of the full release  of the new collection by Quentin Dupieux .

The stream is on the Dazed and Confused website, where Oizo speaks of his time in Los Angeles where he collaborated with Flying Lotus over the re-issue of his second album, the positive experience leading to his continued relationship with his label.

Oizo's been engaged in low-budget high-imagination cinema in recent years, and while best-know for the film Rubber (about a killer tyre...) he's worked on promo clips and music videos as well.

The new album, The Church, follows the release of the track Machyne in September and it's certainly been eagerly awaited by fans of the more experimental edge of the electronic music spectrum.

The new collection, his fifth, comes out on Brainfeeder.

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