Monday, 3 November 2014

Pendentif: UK live dates

A trio of UK dates for Bordeux indie act Pendentif this week, with shows in Leeds, Manchester and

They play at the Mine nightclub in Leeds on Thurs Nov 6 , Friday November 7 at Mono Chorlton in Manchester, and on Saturday November the eighth at the Lexington in London.

For a French band they're remarkably informed by contemporary UK indie acts. classic pop with an open-minded attitude.

They've been active since 2010, releasing their first four track EP the following year. The single Jerricane followed in 2012, and the Embrasse-Moi EP in 2013.

Their debut album Mafia Douce was released in September last year and they're made an EP of remixes of tracks form the album available as a free download. 

The band's singer Cindy Callède confirmed that she had left the band this summer, with new singer Julia Jean-Baptiste at the microphone.

With the band having toured extensively to support the release of the Mafia Douce, they're now looking towards the follow up release.

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