Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review: Comett - My reality is your fiction

I first came across Comett when I chanced upon the track Once upon a time/ the city of lights with its
delightful clip, and I've been awaiting their debut album since.

The album My reality is your fiction finally came out last month, and while they've not rushed into it, the time they've spent putting it togtehr has certainly been worthwhile.

If Once upon a time/ the city of lights got my attention, songs like Don't Turn Off Your Light make it clear that it was no one-off, and the entire collection is infused not only with imagination but also displays ample evidence that they've got the skills to make it real.

 My Reality is Your Fiction is the kind of crafted electro indie pop that convinces you entirely.

At times there are touches of the epic and cinematic that are reminiscent of M83, at other times the off-kilter pop of Air. What's certain is that Comett are capable of greatness.

The European Space Agency landed a spaceship on a comet just days ago.

This Comett is easier to find but every bit as deserving of exploration.

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