Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Adrien Soleiman: La Nuit Tombée

A video for the track La Nuit Tombée by Adrien Soleiman, an artist who's been getting attention
from French music magazine Les Inrocks as part of their inRocKs lab programme which promotes new artists.

The track Rue Des Étoiles emerged in September last year, the track a melancholy yet uplifting wonder nostalgic yet aware of what's going on right now. An instant classic.

So a new track is going to get my attention immediately, and it doesn't disappoint. If anything its more epic in its scope that its predecessor, but with a similar depth.

It's work of this kind of class that makes listening to French music the worthwhile experience that it is.

Adrien Soleiman releases his first EP, entitled Rue des Etoiles in June.

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