Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Akhenaton - Acoustic session

A recent live session by rapper Akhenaton for the TV5Monde music programme Acoustic.

The programme casts its net wider than its title might suggest, and doesn't just feature acoustic singer/songwriter types by any means.

Akhenaton is something of a French hip hop legend, famous particularly for his involvement in Marseille act IAM, whose L'École du Micro d'Argent album is regarded as the classic of French Hip Hop.

He's also had a successful solo career, from his Métèque et mat collection onwards to his most recent Je suis en vie album from 2014.

many of the tracks performed in the session from from this album.

The session featured the songs Même les anges, Deuxième chance , Saga, Mon texte le savon, Part III and Côté obscur.

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