Monday, 20 April 2015

Jean Michel Jarre and Gesaffelstein: Conquistador

A new collaborative track featuring Jean Michel Jarre and Gesaffelstein has emerged, with the track Conquistador appearing on Beatport.

Gesaffelstein is no stranger to this blog, the DJ producer known to friends and family as Mike Lévy has worked with the likes of Moby, Phoenix and Lana Del Rey as well as Arnaud Rebotini, Zombie Zombie and Justice.

He also produced two tracks on Kanye West's 2013 Yeezus album, and relased his own debut album Aleph the same year.

There are also two remixes of the new track, and I'm certain more will appear before too long.

Last month saw the release of the track Glory, a collaboration with M83 for the soundtrack of a short film.  The track featured on EMIC an Interstellar Time Capsule Film, a short film based n some of the ideas in the hot film Interstellar.

M83 is of course a band led by French artist Anthony Gonzalez, whose work has shared the futuristic themes that are present in Jarre's work, and whose work has increasingly featured in film soundtracks, an area where Jarre's career began.

Jarre's last release was the  Essentials & Rarities collection from 2011. Prior to that a re-recording of Oxygène, released to mark the iconic album's 30th anniversary was his last studio album.

His most recent album of new material was 2007's Téo & Téa, a top ten release in France.

To say the new material is long-awaited by fans is probably something of an understatement, and his choice of collaborators has so far been an inspired one.

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