Friday, 24 April 2015

Grand Corps Malade: Le Bout Du Tunnel

I missed this when it was released as I was on holiday, but a striking new clip for a piece of music
from the last album by  Grand Corps Malade.

The clip for Le Bout Du Tunnel by Mehdi Idir features Izia Higelin and Nicolas Duvauchelle.

The track Le Bout Du Tunnel is based on  the true story of Laurent Jacqua who spent 25 years in prison after he shot two skinheads who attacked him. One die, the other was left paralysed.

In prison he was found to be HIV+. He was some years later released but would return to prison following involvement in crime, and a subsequent escape attempt led to another sentence, this time in a high security unit.

It was here he began to write, blogging about the injustices of the French prison system.

It was through his writing that he began to turn his life around. He was eventually released in 2010.

Le Bout Du Tunnel features on Grand Corps Malade 2013 album Funambule.

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