Friday, 3 April 2015

Stromae: Carmen

Another track from Stromae's Racine carrée getting released with a striking new clip.

The track Carmen features a video directed by  Sylvain Chomet.

Chomet's a serious director, whose work is amongst the best known French animation in recet years, including the films the Illusionist and The Triplets of Belleville (also titled Belleville Rendez-vous), a film that was nominated for two Oscars.

I'm sure the  video could be used to educate folk about social media use.

The song was co-written with rapper Orelsan.

Since Racine Carrée was release in 2013, its success has been almost unprecedented for a French language act. It has spawned three number one singles in France so far, and a number one album in most coutries in Europe as well as sales of close to two million in France.

It's sometimes hard to believe it is only Stromae's second album.

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