Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Charlie Winston: #Saysomething

A new song by Charlie Winston, with a track #saysomething inspired by the ongoing refugee crisis that has been hitting Europe.

France, with its temporary camps in Calais is among the countries that has been affected by the sudden influx of people fleeing the variety of crises hitting the middle east, from the war in Syria, the rise of Daesh to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

Winston's message is - rightly - one of unambiguous solidarity.

Charlie Winston  is of course a UK artist by birth, but one who has emerged to widespread recognition in France.

While not widely known in the UK, he is a massive star in France, his 2009 Hobo album a number one seller.

His subsequent albums, 2011's Running Still and 2015's Curio City both reached the top ten.
Regarding his new release, he said: "I took my guitar and film team and played to refugees in the camps of Berlin, as well as on the Macedonian/Greek border where 8,000 refugees crossed per day, 'The Jungle' in Calais, where I marched and sang, and also marched in London with thousands of others."

 All the money raised by the song will go to the IFRC.

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