Monday, 12 October 2015

Johnny Hallyday: De L’Amour

A surprise new album's due out next month by the indefatigable Johnny Hallyday, with an
announcement at a show on Friday that his 50th collection is in the pipeline.

A video clip has come out for the title track De L’Amour.

The song's a surprisingly fresh slice of modern rockabilly. Maybe we've grown used to power ballads from Johnny in recent years, but an upbeat rockabilly number comes as a pleasant surprise.

Johnny's in mid-tour following the release of his Rester Vivant album last year, and has been touring since he undertook a series festival shows over the summer.

He unexpectedly unveiled new material in his set on Friday, with the song De l'amour debuting at Lille on October 9.

It's the title track of a new album Johnny had been working with Yodelice, and Yodelice joined him on stage to perform the track.

The album was apparently recorded over a ten day period, a collection he's described as his most personal. Songs on it apparently tackle subjects including the Ferguson shooting and the Charlie Hebdo killlings.

The new album De l'amour is due to be released on November 13.

Johnny's got three sold-out shows at Bercy in Paris on November 27, 28 and 19, and two more dates there on February 2 and 3.

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