Friday, 23 October 2015

New Acts: Novembres - Julliet en Hiver

With the Nördik Impakt festival under way this weekend, I though it appropriate to feature some of the acts on the bill at the event the celebrates electronic music, digital and independent culture.

It features many interesting developing acts, giving them hopefully the kind of exposure they deserve in a hugely important area of music.

One such act is Novembres, a duo of  Lynsey Haguenauer and Johan Clément, who come from Caen in Normandy, the town where the Nördik Impakt festival is held.

They release their second EP The Forest this month, following their debut five track EP Le petit tigre hallucinogene last year.

While showcasing newer acts, the festival also featured bigger names like Jeanne Added and Vitalic.

I suspect by the quality of material released by Novembres it won't be long until they're as well known as acts like those.

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