Thursday, 8 October 2015

Superbus: Un autre monde

The cover of the Téléphone classic Un autre monde by Superbus emerged at the beginning  of last
month, and now the clip for the track has been revealed.

It comes alongside the release of more information about the new Téléphone tribute CD  entitled Ça, c'est vraiment toi, featuring 15 tracks originally by the 80s stars re-interpreted by contemporary French acts.

Among those on the track listing are Gaëtan Roussel, Olivia Ruiz, Skip the Use, Zaz and Plastiscines.

Tracks on the compilation include La bombe humaine, New York avec toi, Argent trop cher, Cendrillon and Hygiaphone.

Jean-Louis Aubert, Louis Bertignac and  Richard Kolinka from Téléphone have been playing live, albeit under a different name  with shows so far in Paris, Lille and Lyon.

A deluge of Téléphone reissues are also in the pipeline, all marking the group's 30th anniversary.

Whether there's more on line or if the return of Téléphone will be cut off remains to be seen, but for the moment the sound of the Téléphone will certainly  be ringing out around France.

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