Friday, 16 October 2015

Jean-Michel Jarre: Electronica Volume One

A big day for album releases today, with Jean-Michel Jarre's long-awaited Electronica Volume One - The Time Machine collection finally coming out.

It's been trailed heavily over the past few months, with tracks emerging as limited edition releases and the single If..! featuring Little Boots, probably the most mainstream pop track on the collection, getting a  video clip.

The list of collaborators remains interesting,  and while at first there might not seem much to link the likes of Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Laurie Anderson and Little Boots, they put Jarre very much in context as an artist whose work can crossover from the more rarified experimental areas to commercial pop, a musician whose influence is as evident in the nightclub as it is in the concert hall and film soundtrack.

In recent years, despite electronic music becoming massively popular, Jarre has been a surprisingly low profile figure. His pioneering work in popularising what was a far from mainstream music unacknowledged by most.

Hopefully this release will give him some of the recognition he deserves.

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