Thursday, 22 October 2015

Quentin Dupieux: Paris Now! - Being flat

A return to the screen by a genuine French icon, with Flat Eric appearing in a new short film by
director Quentin Dupieux.

The video is part of a series of short films made under the auspices of the Red Bull Music Academy in Paris.

 A series five short films under the collective title Paris Now! were put together by different directors for the event, each showing their own vision of the French capital.

Dupieux  under his Mr Oizo guise was of course behind the Flat Beats track with its memorable video.

RBMA gets under way on Sunday October 25 until November 27 at la Gaîté lyrique, featuring sessions, workshops and club events featuring what they describe as "61 carefully selected producers, vocalists, beat-makers, instrumentalists and DJs."

Artists involved  include  Nicolas Godin, Laurent Garnier, Jean Michel Jarre and  Lætitia Sadier.
It's the first time in four years the event's been held in Europe.

Dupieux, meanwhile, has a new EP out in November entitled Hand In The Fire.

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