Friday, 6 December 2013

Les Rencontres Trans Musicales: Le Vasco

Le Vasco are another act that I'l looking forward to seeing over the weekend at the Les Rencontres Trans
Musicale in Rennes.

Le Vasco takes an uncompromising approach to electronica, with an edgy sound that  reminds us that many of the artists working in electronic music have ideas and ambitions  beyond lowest common denominator dance music.

Their new release Passion Thing, an 11 track collection, was made available this week.

The song In Your Dreams features on the most recent compilation CD by Les InRocks Lab, which features  18 of the best new acts from 2013.

In Your Dreams features on the six track Le Vasco EP, released last year.

Le Vasco plays at Les Rencontres Trans Musicale on Friday night.

Passion thing is available as a fee download from the website.

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