Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Live: Moodoid at the Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes

Much to digest from the rich musical pickings of this weekend's Les Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes
event, so I thought that a series of short articles would do it better justice than a lengthy report that would inevitably not cover everything that it should.

Of course, one other consequence of the visit was getting the chance to not only experience a huge number of acts live, but also getting introduced to other acts that I didn't get the chance to see.

There were so many acts on it simply wasn't possible to be everywhere at once, and with the Bars en Trans festival running at the same time - with dozens of acts across the city in smaller venues - I couldn't see everything, but I certainly got to hear about some acts that I'll hopefully get to feature.

To kick things off, however, I was particularly looking forward to seeing Moodoid perform at the Parc Expo, and I was not disappointed.

Live Moodoid are the kind of band that can pull of some ridiculously complicated progressive psych rock, but with a melodic and pop sensibility that means they're never less than approachable and engaging.

It was also great to see Moodoid feature on the front cover of Le Monde during the festival. Looks like its not just fans of  Melody's Echo Chamber that are paying attention to the band. If 2014 sees them getting  share of mainstream popularity, it's certainly deserved.

During theTrans Musicales, Moodoid also performed a special concert to an audience of kids in Rennes, a perfect example of the inclusive attitude of the Trans Musicales event that included free shows and talks in the city, bringing some of the best music on offer at the moment to as many people as possible.

Incidentally, I caught some of the members of Moodoid, including Pablo Padovani, at a gig at Le Sympatic bar during the Bars en Trans festival. They were all wearing the silver face  make-up they wore during their set at the Parc Expo. Good to know that even when off duty, Moodoid remain loyal to the cause.

The four track of September's Moodoid EP have just been released as two seperate seven inch singles on Enterprise records.

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