Friday, 13 December 2013

Live: Oum Shatt at Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes

Another great act that was unknown to me before the Rencontres Trans Musicales last weekend was Oum

While a German band might normally fall outwith the usual French music framework of this blog, I'm never the strictest at drawing borders and a band playing in France, especially one that made a big impression at a French festival certainly merits a mention.

Oum Shatt are a rock and roll band, a four piece that takes the traditional guitar rock into a 21st century context.

There's a strong flavour of the Turkish and middle eastern sound that anyone who has ever visited Germany will be familiar with.

You can imagine them somewhere around Franz Ferdinand or even Talking heads, smart indie rock that's unafraid to be heard on the dancefloor.

Oum Shatt have been around since 2012, and their Power to the Women of the Morning Shift EP was
released in August this year and it is available at their bandcamp site. 

Another thing that I've enjoyed about the Rencontres Trans Musicales is that so many of the acts were filmed in such high quality, and the videos made available internationally. Not only does it give the event a  reach that goes beyond those who attended the event, but also gives those who were there the chance to catch acts again or to see things that they weren't able to see on account of there being so much going on at the same time.

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