Thursday, 5 December 2013

Les Rencontres Trans Musicales: The Enchanted Wood

An impressive new video for the track Death is knocking at your door by The Enchanted Wood, a track
which could easily sit alongside works by the likes of masters like Nick Cave an Tindersticks.

There's a beautiful melancholy in their work, it will be fascinating to see how this works in a live environment.

The Enchanted Wood is a musical project fronted by Michel Le Faou, working with other musicians or performing solo.

The second album by The Enchanted Wood, Monster Parade, was released in 2012, the debut self-titled album in 2006.

The Enchanted Wood play on Friday December 6 at Les Rencontres Trans Musicales.

Death is Knocking at your Door - The Enchanted Wood from Mein Herr W on Vimeo.

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