Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Richard Pinhas and Etienne Jaumet: Vents Solaires EP

A new EP has emerged featuring the combined talents of Richard Pinhas and Etienne Jaumet.

Pinhas has been a legend in the underground music scene since the 1970s, with a long solo career and groundbreaking work with the electronic progressive band Heldon.

He's also collaborated with some very interesting musicians over the years, including the likes of Merzbow.

Jaumet was previously a member of French electronic act Zombie Zombie, who I've featured previously on this blog over the years.

Pinhas has always been a pioneer exploring the area where electronics and guitar meet, at times complimenting each other, at other times confronting.

There are few artists who have maintained a position at the forefront for so many years as Pinhas has. This new release shows he has lost none of his experimental edge.

The new release came out on December 9 on Versatile records

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