Friday, 3 October 2014

Adrien Gallo: Crocodile

A new video by Adrien Gallo featuring Ella Walmann for the single Crocodile.

Gallo is best known as the singer of BB Brunes, and he released his first solo single Monokini in July this year.

The track comes from Gallo's  first solo album, which features duets with his partner Walmann, entitled Gemini, which comes out on November 3.

The collection is said to be inspired by French pop of the 1980s, artists like Etienne Daho and Jacno.

The last album by BB Brunes was 2012's Long Courier, but Gallo's successful solo career does not apparently suggest the end of the band.

He's worked before on other projects that have seen his songs interpreted by others, with Alizée among those he's written for.

He also wrote two songs on the album Love Songs Vanessa Paradis, including the single Mi Amor.

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